The Waiting is Over!

As stated above, the waiting is over!  Material will start to be loaded to this site on a monthly basis.  The most important thing right now is the 2nd edition of How to Become a Christian is ready for distribution.  It is available from this website.

The need for a second edition was necessary to correct some errors that I made.  I learned a hard lesson….never be your own editor!  That job was most ably and successfully tackled by my wife and best friend, Kit.  From photo below, you can see that it is a combination booklet and a companion audio CD.  The suggested donation is $13.95 plus shipping and 3% tax to Colorado addresses.

This is NOT a profit-making effort.  The idea is to make the booklet and CD self supporting.  This will only grow as YHWH God chooses for it to do so.

Booklet promo pic B

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